TESL Diploma Comparison

We offer two accredited TESL Diplomas at CCLCS. A 135-hour TESL Diploma accredited by TESL Canada and a 316-hour TESL Diploma accredited by TESL Ontario. We’ve put together this simple course comparison table if you aren’t sure which TESL Diploma is right for you. Of course if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Requirement TESL Canada Diploma TESL Ontario Diploma
Hours 100 course hours
10 observation hours
25 practicum hours
251 course hours
15 observation hours
50 practicum hours
Length 10 weeks full time
24 weeks part time
16 weeks full time*
45 weeks part time*
Content All the basics: grammar; lesson planning, unit planning, and curriculum development; teaching listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation; culture in the classroom; assessing students; teaching multi-level classes, working with adult learners; pedagogical and second language learning theory; teaching skills; materials analysis; professional conduct All of TESL Canada’s basics, plus more in-depth study on: advanced grammar and linguistics; second language acquisition; sociolinguistics; teaching pronunciation; assessment and evaluation; anti-racism/anti-discrimination pedagogy; literacy; teaching English for Academic Purposes; technology in the classroom and Computer Assisted Language Learning
Can I teach overseas? Yes Yes
Can I be a private tutor? Yes Yes
Can I teach in a Canadian public elementary school or high school? No No
Can I teach in a private language school in Canada? Yes Yes
Can I teach in a LINC school in Ontario? No Yes
Can I teach in a LINC school in another province? Maybe** Yes
Can I teach in other government funded programs in Ontario (OSLT, School Board ESL, etc.) No Yes
Can I teach in a college or university program? Maybe** Yes

* For programs that are taken back-to-back.
** Each province is a bit different. Contact the TESL office for details.