TESL Certification : Your Ticket to Travel the World

A letter from Lisa B:

How have you been?? It’s certainly been a while…I’ve attached a photo to help you put my face to my name. We met in 2003 and I took my TESL Canada course that year. Then I took my TESL Ontario course the following year.

So anyway…I’m currently teaching at a private school in Istanbul, Turkey. What a unique culture!!

After CCLCS, I started working immediately at ***** at Yonge and Eglinton. Then I left for two years at a private girls school in Nagoya, Japan, and also did short jobs in Okayama, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan.

After that, I returned to Canada for 18 months and taught adults at **** in Vancouver. I’m halfway through my second contract here, and while I can appreciate this country, I know it’s not for me, in the long-term.

Lots of people who dream of traveling the world never see those dreams come true. But by signing up now for TESL Canada and/or TESL Ontario full-time classes at CCLCS, you could be teaching abroad in as little as 3 months rather than just scrimping and hoping you have enough time and money to travel 30 years from now.

In most cases, the TESL Canada course will be all you need to land a job overseas. The TESL Canada course is shorter and costs less than the TESL Ontario course. TESL Ontario is required to get jobs in certain sectors and from certain employers in Canada, so it’s highly recommended for people aiming for a long career teaching ESL. But for shorter term goals, TESL Canada is perfect! It’s all explained in the FAQ in CCLCS’s main TESL training page.

Kerri S. – whose popular blog is at www.expatkerri.com – spent two years teaching English in South Korea. But her entry-level position at a private school required her to work long hours for a modest salary with hardly any benefits. She soon discovered that the best jobs (same money, half the hours) go to people certified to teach English as a second/foreign language.

When she returned to Canada, Kerri signed up for the TESL Canada and TESL Ontario courses at CCLCS (the Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies) in Toronto. By the end of the year, she had her certification and when she returned to South Korea, she got her dream job teaching at a university. Her workload was lighter – so she had more time to enjoy all that Korea has to offer and she also enjoyed some great employment benefits including 12 weeks of holidays every year – which enabled her to do even more travelling!

This year she was able to parlay that experience into a job teaching ESL at Toronto’s York University.

So, if you’re interested in adventure and new experiences, you can find ESL teaching jobs from Indonesia to Iceland, and from Tanzania to the Czech Republic.

But please note: short courses you may see advertised on the internet, though fine for what they are, are actually not accredited by any recognized body in Canada and might not get you the job you want. Most countries require trained teachers who have completed a minimum of 100 hours of training.

CCLCS is a registered Private Career College with a reputation for quality. Since 1991, they have trained over 4,000 teachers who have since gone on to teach across Canada and around the world. Classes run year-round. For dates, click here

As Expatkerri says, “The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it earlier”

Cheryl Fretz, TESL Coordinator
[email protected]