I have studied here for many years and it is the place where I spend most of my time besides home because it is so great! Through systematic English learning here, I have been able to deal with any situation in life, and live in this foreign land with confidence and independence. The school’s curriculum is divided into six different levels, step by step from beginner to advanced. Class content is substantial, simple, clear, rich and effective. Teachers respect students in the teaching process, and sometimes they are humorous, turning boring explanations into vivid teaching, so as to guide students to learn effectively. The teachers not only help us with our studies, but also care about our lives. If you have any questions, they are very willing to help. After a few years, we are as close as family.

CCLCS is the best choice for newcomers to Canada. This school contains several levels from the second to the seventh level, and there are very excellent teachers. The unique thing about this school is that you learn English easily through direct contact and talking with teachers and the rest of the students from different countries far away.

I like learning English at CCLCS. There are great teachers who teach seriously. I can communicate in English with students from different countries and learn about different cultures. If you are a friend from China, CCLCS will be your best choice.

I have been learning at CCLCS North York, Toronto for 5 months. During this time, I have already passed levels. It has become possible thanks to the very professional teachers and the friendly atmosphere there. I am grateful to my teachers and managers of this school, who help me to do it.  I recommend this language school for everybody, who wants to improve their English skills and speak fluently as soon as possible and it has a good atmosphere all time

I am studying English at CCLCS. This place is the best choice for newcomers to Canada. The staff in the place are very good and the teachers are professional and funny and they help as much as they can. Every day I learn new things in this place.